Caroline Zastiral

Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor

Diaster Risk Reduction Advisor, British Red Cross, based in London

Previously, Regional Climate Change Adapation Officer, Plan International Asia, based in Bangkok.

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Community Resilience Assessment and Action Handbook

A handbook developed to assess the the underlying drivers of vulnerability in communities and what kinds of climate extremes and disasters (e.g. rapid or slow onset) communities are exposed to.

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Building the case for canoes

A pilot project using the BRACED Handbook, this case study describes the natural disasters being experienced in the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar and the community led interventions being implemented.

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Children in northern Thailand use theatre to shine a light on disasters

August 2013: “I was watching a soap opera and all of a sudden an earthquake took place,” says Natcharin, a 13-year old girl who lives in Chiang Saen, northern Thailand. “My mum and I hid...

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530c6d0fa7301indonesia - climate adaptation.

Documenting climate change in Indonesia

© Plan International. Igen and his friends.

August 2013: Together with 2 other children, Igen is a peer educator in his village in Lembata, Indonesia. He participated...

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Communities in Laos take charge to adapt to climate change

© Plan International. Communities in Laos take charge to adapt to climate change.

In the last decade in Pha Oudom, 700 houses have been lost to flooding, affecting...

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Student-led clean water initiative builds resiliency among floating villages

August 2013: Mr Duoc’s family is 1 of 23 families living in a floating village on the Red River near Hanoi. The village is difficult to access with limited electricity and a lack of basic...

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Caroline is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Y-Adapt is a curriculum for young people that helps them to both understand climate change and to take practical action to adapt to the changing climate in their community.
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cbanetworksquare - climate adaptation.

Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

The Community Based Adaptation Conference (CBA) online community space. Visit here for updates about CBA15 and access to CBA resources.  
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