Bjoern Fischer

Managing Director

Björn D. Fischer (M.Sc.), Managing Director and founder of EcoKraft GmbH, has over 25 years of experience in real estate & climate and sustainability finance. As a carbon market pioneer and expert on climate change topics, Björn advises public and private entities on climate change strategies, program and project monitoring and evaluation, project finance, project cycle management, carbon fund investments and its markets. Most recently, Björn was the Climate Fund Director of the Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF). Björn led compliance approvals of several million USD project investments under California’s cap-and- trade program and created climate finance readiness tools to improve bankability of projects. His additional expertise includes green financing of sustainable projects with country experience in the US as well as in developing countries and emerging markets, program and project management, organizational development & capacity development coupled with 17 years foreign country experience e.g. the Netherlands, USA, Kenya, Caribbean and Indonesia.

Bjoern is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Climate Finance

This theme focuses on how to ensure that climate finance serves to achieve meaningful, long-term change in economic and social development trajectories, particularly for developing countries.
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52dfc5ba8e300small-islands-and-climate-change 0 - climate adaptation.

Small Islands and Climate Change

Promoting an understanding of the vulnerabilities and resilience of islands not only among SIDS but also among countries with islands.
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52de8ec3f3599economics-of-adaptation - climate adaptation.

Economics of adaptation

Assessing the costs of adaptation using multiple lines of evidence.
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Adaptation Decision Making

Sharing methods, tools and approaches for adaptation decision-making.
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Communicating Climate Risk

Improving access and creating innovative ways to communicate climate risk.
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52dfc4298075eusing-climate-information - climate adaptation.

Climate Services

This theme covers information and research for understanding and using climate data, communicating climate change and providing effective climate services.
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