Bettina Koelle

Senior Learning Specialist

I'm a practitioner working in the adaptation field, with a focus on grassroot implementation of participatory adaptation processes (using a Participatory Action Research approach) and linking these experiences to the national, regional and global policy levels.  

I am also currently undertaking research towards my PhD in the field of effective monitoring and evaluation in learning based adaptation - and testing the framework on anticipatory capacity. Registered at the University of Cape Town.

I am now a Senior Learning Specialist at RCCC and was previously Director of Indigo.

paying for predictions

Serious Climate Games: An Introduction

Climate games provide a way to facilitate learning in an interesting, engaging and memorable way. This article provides a brief outline of different climate games and resources available.  

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Dialogue for decision-making: the ‘City Learning Lab’ approach

The FRACTAL ‘City Learning Lab’ approach is designed to facilitate problem-solving at the intersection of climate change and urbanization trends across cities in Southern Africa.

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FCFA Pilot: Zambia Technical Report

This FCFA pilot study in Zambia sought to examine how to make climate science actionable, so decision-makers could make informed and robust adaptation and development investments.

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