Bettina Koelle

Senior Learning Specialist

Bettina Koelle joined the Climate Centre in 2013 and is also now Southern Africa focal point. 
She has worked with stakeholder groups from small-scale farmers in the South African dry lands to policy-makers and business representatives.

A geographer by training with an MSc from the Free University of Berlin, she is passionate about exploring linkages within complex systems and helping people navigate challenges through learning and dialogue. Bettina’s roots lie in community development and adaptation work in Southern Africa, and her ambition is to link grass-roots insights and ambitions to global policy.
Working on climate change and adaptation for the past 15 years, she has also increasingly engaged on urban issues – facilitating the use of climate information for long-term decision-making in cities. 

Participate! Course

Participate! Online Course

“Participate!” is a free, interactive, online training module developed by SEI and the Red Cross Climate Centre to support the design of more effective science, policy, and practice events.

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BRACED learning event 2019 in Nairobi

A guide to Effective Collaboration and Learning in Consortia

This guide helps to establish effective transdiciplinary learning processes and co-production of knowledge with a diverse range of stakeholders.

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paying for predictions

Serious Climate Games: An Introduction

Climate games provide a way to facilitate learning in an interesting, engaging and memorable way. This article provides a brief outline of different climate games and resources available.  

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Pakalinding young farmers, The Gambia, by Gerry Popplestone

Ensuring climate information guides long-term development

This article describes why climate-resilient development requires a step change in how medium to long-term climate information is produced, communicated and used in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

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Dialogue for decision-making: the ‘City Learning Lab’ approach

The FRACTAL ‘City Learning Lab’ approach is designed to facilitate problem-solving at the intersection of climate change and urbanization trends across cities in Southern Africa.

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Front page

FCFA Pilot: Zambia Technical Report

This FCFA pilot study in Zambia sought to examine how to make climate science actionable, so decision-makers could make informed and robust adaptation and development investments.

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