Atta UL Haq

Chief Executive Officer

The Youth Association for Development (YAD) is a youth lead, peace building civil society initiative based in Baluchistan and whose roots lies with a core of volunteers in different districts of Pakistan. YAD is human rights based approach with a multi sector development organization working on participatory development approach to bring long term change & sustainable development in the society.
The idea of a civil society organization evolved in 2002, when a group of like minded people working in the social, political, human rights and development sector in Baluchistan and having enough international exposure and experience, got together and initiated the dialogue among themselves on issues of humanism, peace, democracy, human rights, right to information, transparency, accountability, environment, water, sanitation, hygiene, health, education & other social issues in the province and country; The group concluded the need for an organization which can address the above mentioned issues through a holistic approach; promote the value of peace and basic human rights; address democratic and governance issues; conduct research and analysis; initiate dialogues among different segments of society; take steps toward a peaceful, tolerant, and democratic society, conservation of environment & natural resources management, sanitation improvement & hygiene education, working for IWRM and provide an enabling environment to civil society of Baluchistan.
Legal status
The Youth Association for Development (YAD) is registered under the societies Act 1860 with the Directorate societies, industries & production Department Baluchistan under registration No. 1021, Dated, 10-06-2005

YAD Vision

YAD envisions "a Peaceful, Equitable, tolerant, just and Democratic World & to bring socio-economic development in the rural and urban communities."

To promote and protect peace, social & interfaith harmony, democracy, human rights and social development in Pakistan through, mobilization, awareness, research, dialogues, advocacy and trainings.

• To promote and protect basic human rights particularly of women and minorities;

• To contribute to the creation of a tolerant society through the promotion of the value of peace and human rights;

• To promote interfaith harmony & social harmony.

• To promote democracy & good governance in the society

• To mobilize the stakeholders for social development.

• To encourage and support democratic norms, values, and institutions in the society;

• To incorporate gender sensitization in all program activities and to make gender a cross cutting theme.

• To protect environment, water conservation & natural resources management.

• To promote health, hygiene & sanitation improvement

• To increase literacy trough quality education , research & public private partnership development

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