Atiq Kainan Ahmed

Atiq is with ADPC since April 2006 and working with the Climate Change and Climate Risk Management (CCCRM) team as Programme Specialist. His specialized portfolio is on developing Community-based Early Warning Systems (CBEWS) and Societal application of usable science to build climate resilience in the region and vulnerable sectors. Atiq brings over 15 years of extensive experiences of working in the field of Climate Change Adaptation, People centric “End-to-End” Early Warning Systems, Social-ecological Resilience, Integrated Coastal Management, Societal Application of usable science information and many more. Before joining ADPC, in the last 15 years Atiq in various leading capacities (such as Project Leader, Principal Researcher or Senior Project Manager), has worked in dozens of portfolio projects/programs in Asian countries. He has worked with CEGIS, ADB, USIOTWS/USAID, ADPC, IDS-Plan International and others. Since 2004 Tsunami, he has worked in various flagship Regional Multi-country programs including: US Government’s “Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System (US IOTWS)” program, UNESCAP’s multi-country “Regional Tsunami Trust Fund (RTTF)” implementation projects, “Coastal Community Resilience (CCR)” regional initiatives of USIOTWS and UNESCAP, NOAA-USAID-Univ. of Washington facilitated “International Tsunami Training Institute (ITTI)” initiative, DFID-IDS-Plan facilitated multi-regional “Strengthening Climate Resilience (SCR)” initiative, International “Online-dialogue on Early Warning” of SEI-ADPC, “ASEAN Partnership Group” civil society support to ASEAN AADMER etc. He has worked extensively in multiple eco-systems including coastal zone, drought prone dry areas/drylands, riverine floodplains, wetlands, urban areas and mountain systems. Mr. Ahmed holds two masters and one bachelors (Hons) degrees in various areas of Social Sciences including fields of Applied Anthropology. He has studied at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London which is the highest ranked anthropology department of the U.K. He is also an honorable fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) USA and a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), U.K.

braced cs 1 crop - climate adaptation.

Climate information and services in BRACED countries

This paper summarises and assesses existing weather and climate information for BRACED programme countries, including existing climate services and problems in the use of the available information.

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Atiq Kainan is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Disasters and Climate Change

Generating knowledge to integrate disaster risk reduction (DRR) with equitable, sustainable and resilient development, recognizing that development and DRR are interlinked.  
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Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

The Community Based Adaptation Conference (CBA) online community space. Visit here for updates about CBA15 and access to CBA resources.  
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