Nicholas Reay

His earlier work experience include working as a web editor for a The South African newspaper, teaching English and writing for a magazine in Shanghai, China, and creating educational materials for various international organisations. Nicholas attended the University of Cape Town and received a BA in English, Media and Film studies. All of which helped fuel his passion for social media and information sharing.

Nicholas enjoys the challenge of working for an international organisation as well as meeting the many passionate people it attracts. When not working, Nicholas enjoys writing for a movies site, playing squash and cooking. Nicholas Reay worked for INTASAVE before joining ASSAR as  a Communications Officer after spending four years with the African Secretariat of ICLEI.

Building on his experience as Communications Officer for ICLEI he now focuses his skills on developing and building both INTASAVE's communications platforms and ASSAR's. 

assar spot nov 2016 - climate adaptation.

The ASSAR Spotlight on Learning - November 2016 edition

The ASSAR project is now halfway through its duration. To mark this occasion, we share a range of ASSAR voices to reflect on our learning to date.

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pathways fork in the field r wise assar presentation - climate adaptation.

Webinar: Adaptation Pathways

ASSAR, in collaboration with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), organised a webinar on Adaptation Pathways on Friday 14 October 2016, available online here.

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Warli thumbnail

How is climate change affecting Bangalore?

Drawing on information gathered during the RDS our India team explores the effects of climate change on Bangalore in this exciting video.

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Communicating climate change for adaptation

Communicating climate change to communities in semi-arid regions remains a difficult task.

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Image for pdf cover of ASSAR's July 2016 Spotlight

The ASSAR Spotlight

The ASSAR Spotlight - July 2016 Edition

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Blue tents

Bangalore's blue tent settlements

This photo essay captures some of the issues in informal settlements, in this case blue tent squatter settlements that are prevalent in certain pockets of Bangalore.
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