Ariell Ahearn

MSc/MPhil course director and departmental lecturer

Ariell is currently a departmental lecturer at the School for Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford. Since 2004, Ariell has worked extensively in rural Mongolia with mobile pastoralist communities around land use and rural development issues. Ariell's current research aims to understand the relationships between social systems, resource distribution and governance frameworks in regions undergoing economic transformation. She specializes in qualitative research, using methods such as ethnographic participant observation, interviewing, mapping and immersive field work to document and analyze the conditions that inform human decision-making and organization. Her current projects cluster around the themes of mobile pastoralism (Mongoli and Central Asia), environmental governance and conflicts related to mining.

indigenous peoples and climate change

Indigenous peoples and climate change

This publication seeks to inspire greater discussion and research in the field of traditional knowledge, seen through the dual lens of the world of work and social justice. 

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Ariell is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

dfj0a9gw0aemc59 - climate adaptation.

Community Based Adaptation

This theme aims to support and connect people working to empower communities to adapt to climate change and features monthly collaborative learning CBA forums.
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