Agus Nugroho

I'm coordinating research network working in Sustainable Development in the Mekong Region, SUMERNET. Our boundary partners consists of research institutions, governments and other stakeholders who concern about Sustainable Development in their respective area of influence. Climate Change adaptation being a relevant and important issue in our region remains one of main focus within our network.

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Communicating water-related climate change risks to improve local adaptation in the Mekong delta

Adaptation challenge In the past, the annual floods in Cambodia after the monsoonal rains were viewed as predictable in timing and non-destructive in nature, bringing benefits such as sediment...
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Evaluation of Pilot Program on Payment for Forest Environmental Services in Cambodia

Adaptation challenge The case study in Chambok Commune in Cambodia exemplified a community-based management suitable for PFES implementation. The factors contributing to successes include...
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Participatory Social Return on Investment (PSROI): Greater Mekong Basin Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Costing Project

Adaptation challenge Using community-based participatory methods to assess adaptation priorities incorporates site-specific locally relevant criteria—in addition to stakeholder ownership—into...
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Integrating Community-based Carbon Management and Monitoring with Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS for REDD+

A summary of the Sumernet study on implementing an integrated community-based participatory and remote sensing measurement and monitoring system for REDD+ in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Making economic integration work for the rural poor in Cambodia

This SUMERNET study has modelled policy recommendations in response to information provided by multiple stakeholders and experts, and compared the hopes for the future with the status on the ground.

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Sustainable urban tourism through low carbon initiatives: Experiences from Hue and Chiang Mai

Adaptation challenge

The tourism service providers in Hue city were estimated to emit about 0.5 million tons of CO2 equivalent in the year 2011. For developing sustainable urban tourism,...

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