Antonio Lopolito

Present position: Assistant professor in agricultural economics at University of Foggia
Education and training: Degree in Economics PhD on Sustainable Agricultural Eco-Systems (2007)
Main research topics: rural development social capital and social network analysis application of fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMs) to design bottom-up development plans
Miscellaneous: He is member of the management committee of the “STAR-Agroenergy Project” - FP7-REGPOT - 2011). He has participated to the 7FP “SUSTOIL” project (2008-2009), coordinated by the University of York (UK). Current teaching activity relates to Regional Economics and Policy, and Macroeconomics for undergraduate. Referee for Research Policy.

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Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping

Outline of the approach

Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) is a research method suitable for getting an insight into stakeholders' perceptions towards some issue or problem. The...

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