Ana Carolina Benítez


I am a communication strategist specialized in sustainability projects. My professional interest is to promote sustainability related processes working through the complementary links between research, management, communication and education.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the design and execution of development projects and in facilitating relationships between various sectors (public, private, community and cooperation). I was a communications teacher in San Francisco de Quito Univeristy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For several years, I have worked for various environmental institutions desiging and implementing strategic communications projects in multimedia formats. Currently I work as a communicator for CONDESAN at the istitutional and project levels.

My minor is in Agribusiness Engineering and I have an international Master's Degree in organizational communication management (DirCom) from Universitát Jaume I - Spain.

Natural Sessions in the Andean Chocó

Is there action without emotion? The Experience of Natural Sessions in the Andean Chocó – Ecuador

This article explores the importance of incorporating emotion and sensitivity for the protection of the Andean Chocó Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador, based on the experience of "Natural Sessions" 

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Adaptation in Mountains

Mountains are highly vulnerable to climate change. They also provide numerous essential services. This theme explores how mountains and mountain communities can be made more resilient.
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