Alice McClure

Project coordinator: FRACTAL

I’m currently based at the University of Cape Town (with the Climate Systems Analysis Group) as the coordinator for the Future Resilience for African CiTies and Lands (FRACTAL) project. In this role, I’m currently working with project partners, funders and the broader FCFA group to coordinate engagements and research that will support the overarching objectives of FRACTAL, namely to support resilient development pathways in Southern African city regions. I’m also contributing to some of the hands-on research that is being undertaken within FRACTAL, particularly related to transdisciplinary co-production of climate knowledge, and how this concept is operationalized within the project.

I've been working in the field of climate change adaptation for a number of years, particularly through designing and managing donor-funded projects for UN organisations (including GEF, Adaptation Fund and GCF) in Africa and Asia. Through this experience, I've gained skills in working with a variety of stakeholders including representatives from government through to rural communities, project implementation and management, and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of adaptation projects. Prior to my current position, I was also managing a research project for the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in South Africa.

Before joining the field of climate change and adaptation planning, my work involved designing spatially explicit (GIS-based) land management and biodiversity action plans for South African and International clients, with the focus predominantly on the Mineral Resources and Energy sectors in Africa. 

Presidential Climate Commission of South Africa

Climate resilient development pathways in South Africa

This article establishes the basis and sets the direction for future knowledge (co)production and planning work in relation to the adaptation and climate resilience aspects of navigating a ‘Just Transition’ in South Africa. 

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Principles for Co-Producing Climate Services: Practical Insights from FRACTAL

Explore principles for co-producing climate services based on FRACTAL project evidence and experiences through this working paper.

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Book cover-Climate Risk in Africa

Climate Risk in Africa: Adaptation and Resilience

This book highlights the complexities around making adaptation decisions and building resilience in the face of climate risk, using insights from sub-Saharan Africa.

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Durban river site visit (Photo credit: Alice McClure)

Transformative adaptation in cities

A review of academic and grey literature addressing transformative adaptation, with a focus on cities, including two case studies, Durban in South Africa and Harare in Zimbabwe.

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Cover picture of FRACTAL briefing note on City government-research partnerships

City government-research partnerships

This briefing note provides reflections on city government-research partnerships, from Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Climate narratives cover picture

Climate narratives

This briefing note provides reflections on the climate risk narrative process: What have we tried? What have we learned? What does this mean for us going forward?

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Climate Services

This theme covers information and research for understanding and using climate data, communicating climate change and providing effective climate services.
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