Alice Chautard

weADAPT Platform and Content Manager

I am a communications and knowledge exchange professional, currently working for SEI Oxford as weADAPT platform and content manager. In this role, I am in charge of weADAPT’s the content, as well as developing its network of users, and supporting its overall development.

Prior to this role, I was Communications and Knowledge Exchange Manager for Oxford University’s REACH programme, a 10-year global consortium funded by FCDO and led by the University, to improve water security for 10 million people in Africa and Asia. As part of the role, I led work on inclusive and ethical communications, capacity building and impact.

I am also a documentary storyteller combining multimedia tools such as photography, illustration, graphic design, and video to communicate environmental, water and climate research. In 2017, I founded the Himalayas to Ocean (H2O) documentary project.

I have a background in environmental sciences, and water policy and management, with a BSc from McGill University, and an MSc from Oxford University. I am  passionate about communicating science in engaging, fun, inclusive and ethical ways to support decision making and impact.

Image of Dr Saleemul Huq speaking at a conference

In appreciation of Prof Saleemul Huq (1952-2023)

"His work for climate justice was tireless and we all have a responsibility to take that work forward”. We want to express our profound sadness at the passing of Prof Saleemul Huq, who was a tireless and inspiring champion for climate change adaptation and capacity-building for vulnerable people and communities worldwide.

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Woman walking in a dry landscape with a donkey carrying jerrycans of water. Credits:  Ayene, UNICEF Ethiopia

Water Security for Climate Resilience Report

This report explores the relationship between water security, climate and climate adaptation decisions, drawing on research from the REACH Programme (2015-2025), conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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Alice is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Adaptation in Mountains

Mountains are highly vulnerable to climate change. They also provide numerous essential services. This theme explores how mountains and mountain communities can be made more resilient.
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8620624901 248d80a7e3 z 2 - climate adaptation.

Gender and Social Equality

This theme aims to deepen engagement on issues of gender and social equality in the context of environment and development, foster collaborations and strengthen capacity.
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Adaptation Without Borders

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 
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55756b92d8973googleearth-ppt-image 2 - climate adaptation.

Climate Finance

This theme captures a wide array of issues and perspectives associated with access to climate finance, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences for improving access to climate finance for the most vulnerable.  
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sipalay 0 - climate adaptation.

Small Islands and Climate Change

This theme curates information on the impacts of climate change on islands and the many approaches and activities that island inhabitants have done to respond to these impacts.
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52de5bd574421urban-adaptation - climate adaptation.

Cities and climate change

Views on trends, challenges, findings and case studies of cities adapting throughout the world.
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