Adriana Quevedo

Senior Research Officer

Adriana has advised on the development of key strategic documents to support Rwanda’s low carbon development in the agriculture, infrastructure and finance sectors – particularly on mainstreaming climate change adaptation into existing policies and strategies and, in turn, on feasible actions using practical tools for more efficient implementation efforts. Working in this field since 2013, Adriana has focused on climate adaptation finance and planning - specifically on the availability, accessibility, mobility and delivery of climate adaptation finance to build resilience. Key activities include: multi-sector consultations, adhoc TA for government officials, policy and strategy assessments, conducting economic and financial appraisals, conducting climate risk assessments, conducting value for money assessment for climate resilience to better guide donor expenditure, collation and collection of qualitative and quantitative data, and desk-base research. This has contributed to key research outputs, leveraging of futher finance, increased local knowledge on current and furture climate risks, and improvements in local collaborations and cooperations.

Adriana currently supports the delivery of the Economics and Finance of Complex Risks strategy imbedded in the Global Risk and Resilience programme at ODI.