Adam John

PhD candidate

Adam is completing his PhD in Agricultural Development Policy at Universiti Putra Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. His thesis work looks at price relationships between world rice markets. Two of the chapters are published in Food Policy and Agricultural and Food Economics. His research interests evolve around rice farming systems and food security. He recently published a review article in Food Security on ecologically-based rodent management in Southeast Asian rice systems. He was at the Stockholm Environment Institute during 2014 where he coauthored a paper with Matthew Fielding which analysed the extent of agricultural research on South Asian rice production constraints and was recently published in Agriculture and Food Security. He also coauthored an SEI discussion brief with Magnus Benzie which addresses food policy for developing countries from an adaptation to climate change perspective.

Adam is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Transnational climate impacts

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 
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