Deborah Harford

Executive Director

ACT researches top-of-mind climate change issues that bring leading experts from around the world together with industry, community and government decision-makers to explore the risks and generate recommendations for sustainable adaptation.

ACT studies nine key climate change-related areas (Biodiversity, Extreme Weather, Food Supply, Health Risks, Low Carbon Economy, New Technologies, Population Displacement, Sea Level, and Water Security). It researches and publishes sustainable adaptation policy and resources designed to protect Canadian environmental, economic and social well being.


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Low Carbon Resilience: Best Practices For Professionals

This project focused on the key role professionals play as change agents in climate action, and what is needed for all sectors to advance uptake of low carbon reslience based practices. 

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Crescent Beach Community Meeting Series: Summary Report on Coastal Flooding and Climate Change

Crescent Beach Community Addresses Coastal Flooding

This report documents the outcomes of a series of meetings with the Crescent Beach community of British Columbia in the summer of 2016 to discuss reponses to sea level rise.

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Climate Risk: Getting to Action-Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

This report summarizes key examples of climate change challenges and solutions for selected professions synthesized from discussions conducted with professionals from various sectors.

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Low Carbon Resilience: Transformative Climate Change Planning for Canada

Low Carbon Resilience to Climate Change in Canada

This paper points to the co-benefits and synergies we can achieve if we take a  'low carbon resilience' approach and consider climate change adaptation and mitigation simultaneously.

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Adaptation to Climate Change Team

Adaptation to Climate Change Team

Adaptation to Climate Change Team

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Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance:Briefing Paper for Decision-Makers

Briefing for Decision Makers

In most parts of Canada, climate change is increasingly affecting the way water moves through the hydrologic cycle, which up until now has fluctuated within a...

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Adaptation Decision Making

Sharing methods, tools and approaches for adaptation decision-making.
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