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Submitted by Anneli Sundin | published 17th Nov 2014 | last updated 3rd Jun 2020
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weADAPT uses lots of advanced technology behind the scenes to link related content together and make it easy to explore and discover content.

We use the Open Calais service to scan all content contributed to weADAPT and extract semantic metadata from it along with the Climate Tagger developed by REEEP. These services allow us to automatically assign semantic tags to our content which can be used to associate it with related content and give users other ways to explore the issue they are interested in. These tags also feed into our SOLR powered site search functionality intelligently linking content together.

weADAPT is maintained and developed by the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Discover more about the technology weADAPT uses

The Semantic Web Company recently hosted a Webinar "PoolParty for Sustainable Development: The Climate Tagger".  This webinar explains and demonstrates how the PoolParty Semantic Suite (on which Climate Tagger is based) can be used for information- and data management solutions in the field of sustainable development. weADAPT is presented towards the end of the seminar as a showcase example of how these technologies can be used.

Watch the "PoolParty for Sustainable Development: The Climate Tagger" webinar:

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