The weADAPT Team

Submitted by Zoe Whitton | published 14th Aug 2012 | last updated 17th Feb 2022
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weADAPT is developed and maintained by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Content is curated both by SEI (Core Team) and a network of Editors (Knowledge Partners) as shown below.

weADAPT Core Team

Sukaina Bharwani

Strategic and Technical Coordinator, Senior Researcher, SEI

Julia Barrott

Knowledge Manager, Research Fellow, SEI


Meadow Poplawsky

Knowledge Manager, SEI

Ruth Butterfield

Editor, Director, SEI Oxford Centre

Richard Taylor

Editor, Senior Researcher, SEI

Nathan Simmonds

Technical Development Lead

Robin Hocquet

Researcher, SEI

Megan MacGillivray

Knowledge Manager

Theme and Network Editors

weADAPT Editors from many different organisations are instrumental in co-creating the knowledge base with users to ensure the quality of the content that is shared.  Find out more details about these Knowledge Partner collaborations




Adaptation decision making


Richard Taylor (SEI)


Adaptation in mountains


Adaptation at Altitude team 


Cities and climate change


Anna Taylor (SEI and African Centre for Cities at UCT)


Climate adaptation learning resources



Ruth Butterfield and Richard Taylor (SEI)


Climate finance


May Aung (IIED)


Climate, food security and agriculture


Ruth Butterfield 

Climate services





Community-based adaptation




Disasters and climate change


Michael Boyland (SEI)


Drylands resource guide


Jesse DeMaria-Kinney (ASSAR)

Economics of adaptation


Paul Watkiss (SEI Associate)


Gender and social equality


Michael Boyland (SEI)


Human mobility


Sonya Ayeb-Karlsson (UNU-EHS, University of Sussex)

National Adaptation Planning


Christian Ledwell (IISD)


Nature-based solutions


Tahia Devisscher Tejada (SEI)


Small islands and climate change


Albert Salamanca (SEI)


Synergies between adaptation and mitigation


Julia Barrott (SEI)


Transnational climate impacts


Katy Harris 




Ruth Butterfield (SEI)





Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia


Albert Salamanca (SEI)



Jesse DeMaria-Kinney (ASSAR)

Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platforms


Roger Street (University of Oxford)

Climate Knowledge Brokers


Sigmund Klucker (REEEP)

Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)


                                                                  Sam Greene & Anne Schulthess (IIED)

SDC Climate Change & Environment Network


Patrick Seiber



Margot Steenbergen and Sanne Hogesteeger (Climate Centre)