The weADAPT Team

Submitted by Zoe Whitton | published 14th Aug 2012 | last updated 13th Jan 2020


weADAPT is developed and maintained by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Content is curated both by SEI and a network of Knowledge Partners as shown below. Find out more details about these Knowledge Partner collaborations

Strategic and technical coordination

Knowledge management

Theme and Network Editors

weADAPT Editors are instrumental in co-creating the knowledge base and community within the platform, since the goal is for it to be co-managed by many organizations. 

Name of Theme or Network



AfriCAN Climate

Martha Bissman (WIP Renewable Energies)


Martha is a Senior Project Manager in the fields of sustainable energy and water supply, project financing and climate change communication.


Cristina Rekakavas (UNITAR)


Cristina works at UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) and is the coordinator of the Climate Change Capacity Development project (C3D+).

Global Initiative on Community Based Adaptation

Ben Smith (SEI Associate)


Helena completed her PhD at Imperial College, focusing on climate change finance. Her research interests include climate finance effectiveness, international negotiations on climate change, and climate change impacts in developing countries. She is working at Imperial and is affiliated with ICCCAD. 

Oxfam Climate Change Adaptation Initiative / ASSAR

Jesse De Maria Kinney (Oxfam)


Jesse is the climate change adaptation programme coordinator for Oxfam GB. He coordinates Oxfam's role, as the cross-regional research-into-use lead, in the ASSAR (Adaptation At-Scale in Semi-Arid Regions) consortium.

Adaptation Decision Making

Richard Taylor (SEI)


Richard is a researcher at SEI Oxford working on climate adaptation decision-making and social simulation modelling.

Adaptation without Borders

Magnus Benzie and Henrik Carlsen (SEI)


Magnus is a researcher at SEI Stockholm with a focus on climate change adaptation.

Henrik joined SEI Stockholm in January 2014. His main field of expertise is decision making under uncertainty, with an emphasis on climate change adaptation.

Climate Adaptation Training

Asa Gerger Swartling (SEI)




Transforming Development and Disaster Risk


Rajesh Daniel and Albert Salamanca (both SEI)


Rajesh joined SEI’s Asia Centre in August 2013 as communications coordinator. He is a writer, researcher and filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience on issues of natural resources governance in Southeast and the Mekong Region. 


Albert is currently a researcher at SEI Asia where he is involved in a number of initiatives. He conducts research on the intersection of flooding and migration and the social construction of risk in Laos as well as the political economy of water flow in Bangkok. Together with partners in Indonesia, he also works with farmers on the governance and management of the Bali Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage Site listed in 2012.

Economics of Climate Adaptation

Anton Cartwright (SEI Associate and African Centre for Cities at UCT)


Anton is an SEI Associate and has postgraduate degrees in Development Economics, and in Environmental Change from the University of Oxford, in addition to an undergraduate BSc in Agriculture, which he took in South Africa. His work focuses on the relationship between environmental degradation and human poverty.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Liz Daniels (SEI)



Forests and Climate Change

Toby Gardner and Tahia Devisscher (SEI)


Toby is a researcher at SEI Stockholm and has a background in tropical ecology and conservation and has spent much of the last fifteen years working on problems of how to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystem services in a variety of different human-modified systems. He has a specific research focus on the eastern Brazilian Amazon.

Innovative ICTs for Communication Climate Risk

Sukaina Bharwani (SEI)


Sukaina is a researcher at SEI Oxford and interested in exploring indigenous knowledge and more specifically tacit knowledge. She is also involved in weADAPT; translating user needs into the technical features that are of value in facilitating work on climate adaptation.

National Adaptation Planning

Christian Ledwell (IISD)


Christian is the media and communications officer for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network. He works for the Network's secretariat, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), based in Ottawa, Canada.

Synergies between Adaptation and Mitigation

Monica Coll Besa (SEI Associate)


Monica is a researcher at SEI Oxford and interested in both community-based and ecosystem-based adaptation approaches, including vulnerability and livelihoods, adaptation and mitigation synergies (mainly climate-smart agriculture and REDD+), and adaptation decision-making and governance

Transforming Governance

Åsa Persson (SEI)


Åsa has been a researcher at SEI Stockholm since 2001. A human geographer by training, she received her PhD degree in environmental policy from the London School of Economics & Political Science in 2007.

Urban Adaptation to Climate Change

Anna Taylor (SEI and African Centre for Cities at UCT)


Anna works part-time at SEI Oxford. Having been in Oxford for 4.5 years, these days she work mainly out of Cape Town, South Africa, doing her PhD research and moving between the university and the local municipal government as part of the Mistra Urban Futures programme.

Using Climate Information

Julia Barrott (SEI)


At the Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town Anna is involved in stakeholder engagement, with the aim of bridging the gap between climate science and society.  Her particular interests lie in the involvement of stakeholders in developing decision-relevant tools, the development of climate services within Africa and processes of adaptation.


Ruth Butterfield (SEI)


Ruth is the director of the Stockholm Environment Institute Oxford Centre. Her research interests are climate change, agriculture, forestry, social and physical vulnerability, social learning and adaptation decision-making.

Climate Finance

Kevin AdamsAaron Atteridge and Adis Dzebo


Kevin, Aaron and Adis are researchers at the Stockholm Environment Institute Stockholm Centre. Aaron and Adis lead the SEI Initiative on Global Finance. Kevin’s research focuses primarily on global climate politics and the political economy of environmental problems.

Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

Albert Salamanca (SEI)


See bio above in the Disaster Resilience Theme.

Small Islands and Climate Change

Albert Salamanca (SEI)


See bio above in the Disaster Resilience Theme.


Tahia Devisscher and Monica Coll Besa (both SEI Associates)


Tahia is a researcher at SEI Oxford and interested in decision-making processes related to adaptation and governance of social-ecological systems.

See bio above in the Synergies between Adaptation and Mitigation Theme (Monica).

The Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) Léa Doumenjou (Oxfam) Network
Léa is the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) programme officer since September 2013, but has also been involved on the communications; grant management and admin side of the project since August 2011.