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Submitted by Ben Smith | published 23rd Sep 2011 | last updated 20th Oct 2020

What is weADAPT? (Video)

What is weADAPT? from weADAPT on Vimeo.

weADAPT is an online ‘open space’ on climate adaptation issues (including the synergies between adaptation and mitigation) which allows practitioners, researchers and policy makers to access credible, high quality information and to share experiences and lessons learnt with the weADAPT community. It is designed to facilitate learning, exchange, collaboration and knowledge integration to build a professional community of research and practice on adaptation issues while developing policy-relevant tools and guidance for adaptation planning and decision-making.

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weADAPT is developed and maintained by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Content is curated both by SEI and the weADAPT team, a dynamic network of Knowledge Partners, using an innovative suite of technologies. weADAPT started life as 'wikiADAPT' and has grown into a collection of over 1000 articles and case studies. The technical development of weADAPT is based on extensive consultation with Knowledge Partners by the Stockholm Environment Institute. It has been the result of collaborations over several years.

Some of our Knowledge Partners are:

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What can I do on weADAPT?


weADAPT is designed to bring information to you in an intelligent and personalized way. Going beyond knowledge sharing, weADAPT’s semantic tagging links and integrates our collective knowledge in meaningful ways. We are also working on improving weADAPT’s responsiveness to your needs and interests.

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Sharing content on weADAPT is easy - you can share information about your latest project, reports, journal articles, case studies and other relevant information. Sharing can help potential collaborators and sponsors find your work, and can help you connect with other members.

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weADAPT links you with other climate adaptation professionals who share similar interests to you, based on your profile description and the work you publish, helping you to find and connect to people doing similar things. The Adaptation Layer also allows you to view projects operating in similar fields or in your geographic area, allowing you to connect and collaborate with other individuals, projects and organisations.

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