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Participating Organisations


234 802 520 0094 20180218 164935 - climate adaptation.

Gloria Bulus

Climate Change Reality Leader
360 - climate adaptation.

Johannah Wegerdt

Technical adviser and project formulator at UNDP
360 - climate adaptation.


at Center of Excellence for Crop Rotation
gccatz logo 4cm cmyk - climate adaptation.

Joanna Martin

Visibility and Communications Expert at GCCA Tanzania
360 - climate adaptation.

Philippa Thornton

at University of Oxford
360 - climate adaptation.

Eveline Studer

Advisor Disaster Risk Management (DRM) at HELVETAS
360 - climate adaptation.

HEND Ismail

Researcher and Senior Programme and Project Specialist
360 - climate adaptation.

Venantious Musonda

Chief Aquaculture officer
360 - climate adaptation.

karen mukuka

chief food and nutrition officer
360 - climate adaptation.

Aaron Kachunga

Water Engineer


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