Tri-National de la Sangha Landscape

Submitted by Michael Rastall | published 15th May 2013 | last updated 21st May 2021

Briefing note


The Tri-National de la Sangha (TNS) landscape came into being during a summit of heads of state and Governments of the Economic Community of Central African States held on 17 March 1999 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This summit led to:

• Signing of the Yaoundé Declaration by Central African heads of state for the collaborative management of forest ecosystems;

• Foundation of the ‘Conference of Ministers in charge of Central African Forests’, which later became COMIFAC (Central African Forests Commission) following the adoption of its convergence plan in 2005;

• Signature in December 2000 of the cooperation agreement to establish the TNS, between the governments of the Republic of Cameroon, Congo and the Central African Republic (CAR);

• Adoption of the convergence plan in February 2005;

• Establishment of a trust fund for Tri National de la Sangha (FTNS);

• Commitment of the African Development Bank to support COMIFAC in the implementation of the convergence plan through the establishment the Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation Support Program (PACEBCo);

• Adoption of the PACEBCo approach through the Programme Management Unit based in Yaoundé, with
satellites in the six ecological landscapes which form the TNS.

Authors: Tadjuidje, M.; Dipapoundji, B.; Mowawa, S.B