Climate and Migration

Submitted by Sukaina Bharwani | published 25th Mar 2011 | last updated 17th Mar 2020
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Climate impacts upon migration processes in complex ways and it has proven problematic to isolate one particular climate stressor as the cause of migration. Moreover, migration is a traditional response to climate and environment cycles, as a coping strategy, as well as being employed over the longer term as an adaptation.

Many studies e.g. the EACH-FOR project have formulated migration as a type of adaptation.

Our current interest in this topic is aimed towards forced migration, where the migration response is one of last resort rather than for conventional economic reasons, and in this respect we are particularly interested in the role of humanitarian agencies. Please see the project page for Transformations in Risk and Climate Change: Humanitarian Consequences for further information.

Members of the weADAPT consortium are also involved in the Summer Academy on Social Vulnerability.

Our hope is that weADAPT tools and services can be used both for improving the scientific understanding of the complexity involved and as a way of better integrating the needs and interests of decision makers with those of climate scientists -- please view the results of our survey here.