Selected Oxfam Publications on Climate Change Adaptation

Submitted by Andrew Maclean | published 30th Mar 2011 | last updated 17th Mar 2020
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What Happened to the Seasons?

The timing of rain, and intra-seasonal rainfall patterns are critical to smallholder farmers in developing countries. Seasonality influences farmers’ decisions about when to cultivate and sow and harvest and ultimately contributes to the success or failure of their crops. Farmers are reporting that both the timing of rainy seasons and the pattern of rains within seasons are changing. This report relates the perceptions of farmers from East Asia, South Asia, Southern and East Africa, and Latin America of how seasons are changing, and in some cases, how once distinct seasons appear to be disappearing altogether, and the impacts that these changes are having. Summary here

Beyond Aid; Ensuring adaptation to climate change works for the poor

This report looks at how climate-related shocks are affecting the lives of millions of poor people with increasing frequency and severity. Without urgent action, recent development progress will stall – then go into reverse.Through the Millennium Development Goals, much development progress has been made in recent years, bringing immeasurable improvement to the lives of millions of men, women, and children. This progress is now under threat. The global economic crisis, compounding the devastating impacts of 2008’s food and fuel crises, is expected to result in up to 90 million more people in extreme poverty this year than would otherwise have been the case. Summary here