Webinar: Using Climate Data & Models in Forest Management

Submitted by Climate Risk Institute | published 3rd Mar 2023 | last updated 21st Mar 2023
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Mosaic Forest Management and the professionals that support its sustainable timberland business are on the front lines of climate change impacts, and also have a key role to play in addressing the challenges and risks of climate change.

Presented by Mosaic Forest’s Molly Hudson, David Beleznay, and University of Victoria’s Ben Paquette-Struger this webinar explores how climate models were used to develop long-term adaptation strategies and meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)’s Climate-Smart forestry objectives. This presentation highlights opportunities and challenges associated with climate change, and focuses on climate models used to visualize and support the adaptation and mitigation strategies that address climate risks in forest environments.

Mosaic is SFI certified and recently met the standards two new objectives on climate-smart forestry. The presenters will discuss how these objectives were met by using specialized expertise to support downscaled GCM outputs on future scenarios that can be used to inform forest management decisions. A key objective of this project was to provide professionals with both high-quality future climate data, and tools for assessing and responding to climate change.