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Submitted by Sukaina Bharwani | published 20th May 2011 | last updated 23rd Mar 2017
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If you use material from weADAPT, we ask you and your networks to acknowledge the source in the following style:

Author(s), Article/Case Study Title. (Date published - you can find this at the top of any Article/Case Study).  On weADAPT, the Collaborative Platform on Climate Adaptation. (Date information retrieved), from

NB: If the Article/Case Study is specific to weADAPT (i.e. there is no associated publication, only the article/case study entry), use the date of publication on weADAPT. For formal articles published under peer-reviewed journals, use the article's own citation; this is often included as a suggested citation in the bottom of the article.

Please note: The text in weADAPT articles and case studies that are associated with uploaded publications very closely reflect the content of that publication; however, this text has often been edited from its original form. If you wish to quote text, please refer to the original text in publication, not in the weADAPT article/case study.

So an example for the Mapping vulnerability Article would be:

Zermoglio, F, Smith, B, Taylor, R and Bharwani, S. Mapping vulnerability (30th March 2011). On weADAPT, the Collaborative Platform on Climate Adaptation. Accessed 17 April 2011 from

For a Case Study this would be:

Frank, J, Coffee farming on the slopes of Mount Elgon: Increasing resilience to climate change, Eastern Uganda (10th March 2011). On weADAPT, the Collaborative Platform on Climate Adaptation. Accessed 27 April 2011 from


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Thank you for allowing me to register with this site. Information is great here, and I would really like to cite this information, on the many subjects listed. Thank you. Cheyenne Hunt