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Use the guidance theme to discover weADAPT or find specific guidance on how to Share content, explore the Knowledge Base or use the Adaptation Layer. Explore pathways for Development Professionals, Researchers, Planners and Policy Makers and access our FAQ to get a quick answer to any basic queries you might have around weADAPT features.

Find out more about becoming a Knowledge Partner, sharing and creating content, updating your personal information and citing weADAPT below. You can also learn more about weADAPT by checking out our About page, reading our Adaptation Principles and our perspective on Adaptation.

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For a quick overview of weADAPT, its goals and history, flick through the slideshow presentation below.


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Participating Organisations


360 - climate adaptation.

Floney Kawaye

Environmental Scientist
360 - climate adaptation.

Chris Ngetich

Climate Scientist/Meteorologist
360 - climate adaptation.


2017-02-03 17 - climate adaptation.

Liliana Miranda

Executive Director
360 - climate adaptation.

Elsona van Huyssteen

Principle Urban and Regional Planner & Researcher
360 - climate adaptation.

Linn Marie Heimberg

Advisor on climate change adaptation
360 - climate adaptation.

Laurence Williams

at 2degrees
360 - climate adaptation.

Naomy Jebet Kemboi Olero

Deputy Resource Mobilization & Development Partner Coordination Manager