Adaptation, development and the community

Submitted by Michael Rastall | published 4th Apr 2013 | last updated 4th Apr 2013
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Summary of chapter

Attempts to operationalise the principles of integration between adaptation, development and the community in practice, reveal the inherent challenges in aligning these interrelated but often contradicting concepts. This chapter explores the questions arising when such attempts for integration are made. First, it explores the conceptual relationship between adaptation, development and the community and shows how the basic principles of integrated and locally inclusive approaches to doing adaptation have emerged. Next, the chapter examines the challenges faced when trying to operationalise these principles in practice, in terms of integrating adaptation and development at the community level with meaningful local engagement. Drawing on examples of community-based adaptation (CBA), the chapter shows why it is important to uphold the principles of integrated and locally driven adaptation. It also highlights that operationalising them requires engaging critically with the inevitable politics of knowledge, spaces and scale that determine adaptation outcomes.


Ayers, J. and Huq, S. Adaptation, development and the community, in Climate Adaptation Futures (eds J. Palutikof, S. L. Boulter, A. J. Ash, M. S. Smith, M. Parry, M. Waschka and D. Guitart), John Wiley & Sons, Oxford. doi: 10.1002/9781118529577.ch19