ArcGIS StoryMap: Young people are shaping climate change and health action

Submitted by Minh Tran | published 1st Nov 2021 | last updated 20th Dec 2021
A young man carrying a sign that says "There is no Planet B"


Young people are leading efforts to address the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. Based on research in six countries, this ArcGIS StoryMap shows how young people are shaping climate and health action in Africa and Asia.

According to the study, one of the major barriers facing young people's engagement is the accessibility of knowledge. In many places, climate change has not been mainstreamed into school curricula and education systems. Information on climate change and its health impacts is often in highly complex, scientific language and format. Young people and adults alike often find it difficult to understand technical climate 'jargon' in education materials. 

This ArcGIS StoryMap (full-screen version) serves as an example of how to address the challenge of climate science communication and make research more accessible to the public. It presents technical insights through digital storytelling using the ArcGIS platform. This article focuses on the use of StoryMaps to communicate climate information. You can also click here to read an article on the study upon which the StoryMap is based.

*Download the full publication from the right-hand column. A summary of the key findings is provided below. See the full report for more details.

Using ArcGIS StoryMap to communicate science