COPE Books for Children: Landslides

Submitted by Christine Messervy | published 29th Apr 2022 | last updated 9th Mar 2023
COPE Landslides Book
Cover of the Landslides book


The COPE squad, Candy, Ollie, Ping and Eddy are a team of disaster risk reduction agents travelling all over the world to teach children how to be ready and prepared for natural hazards and disasters. Make the difference, be ready!  Climate change can create additional layers of risk through, for example, an increase in the frequency and intensity of rainfall events in the future which can lead to more landslides in some regions of the world.

COPE teamed up with World Vision to teach children how to look out for the signs that a Landslide may occur, how to be ready and prepared, and what to do during a landslide and evacuation. Join the COPE squad on another risk reduction adventure to the beautiful region of Lamjung, Nepal, an area prone to Landslides. 

COPE Landslides has charming illustrations that capture the magic of Nepal, and a story that is engaging and educational, which will teach children everywhere the message: In heavy rains, keep away from steep slopes. 

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The COPE squad explains what to do during a landslide in this image from the book. Image credit: Martha Keswick, Mariko Jesse, Timothy Sim

About this book

According to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, children have a vital role in strengthening community resilience. COPE books have been developed in response to that call to empower children.

This child-friendly booklet is for kids 6-12 years old to generate landslide awareness through animated characters and simple but strong messages.

COPE is a series of illustrated, not for profit storybooks created in 2018 by author Martha Keswick, award-winning illustrator Mariko Jesse and global disaster risk reduction expert Dr Timothy Sim.

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