Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

CBA Network

The Global Initiative on Community-Based Adaptation (GICBA) is an open platform aiming to share and learn between all organisations (and individuals) working on community-based adaptation to climate change. GICBA is totally free to join, open to anyone, and is a virtual network to enable sharing of project experiences, tools and methods and to catalyse discussion around important issues.

Aims of the platform

  • Collective thinking and engagement around Community-Based Adaptation
  • Generate and share evidence based research and experience
  • Create a community of practice with strong learning elements.
  • Support the series of International Conferences on CBA to climate change.
  • Strengthen capacity of all stakeholders to design, implement and scale up CBA

Get involved!

It's totally free to sign up. From this page you will find case studies of CBAarticles highlighting best practice, information on upcoming conferences, and a vibrant community sharing global experiences and discussing ways to achieve good community-based adaptation.

Guidance - How do I join in?

The weADAPT Adaptation Layer (Maps ) is a space where you can share your community based adaptation projects. It allows others to know about ongoing projects.

You can also view downscaled climate station data on the Adaptation Layer here.

Do you use twitter? You can also follow us on here: @globaladapt

Conference on community-based adaptation

GICBA organises regular international conferences on community-based adaptation in order to bring a wide range of people together to share current thinking on CBA. 

The 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to climate change (CBA11) took place in Kampala, Uganda during 26-29th June 2017 with the theme: 'Harnessing natural resources and ecosystems for adaptation'. The conference will be hosted by the Government of Uganda and organised by IIED, the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), the Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research and Innovations (MAK) and the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment.

See complete coverage from CBA11, ranging from daily round-ups and videos of the conference, to poster and photos collections.

The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA10) took place from 21-28 April 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The theme of the conference, which was in association with the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), and the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), was 'Enhancing urban community resilience'.

Find out what happened at CBA10, including videos of interviews, speeches and daily round-ups of the conference

The 9th conference on community-based adaptation (CBA9) took place in Nairobi from the 24th-30th April 2015. The conference showed there are different ways of measuring the success of community-based adaptation, and underlined that effective evaluation considers the perspective of both donors and receipients. Head to the IIED conference site for the full schedule and outputs. You can download the CBA9 Conference Proceedings by clicking here. See this link to look at the collection of posters that were presented in the CBA9 conference, which are now added onto the GICBA platform. 

For a full list of previous CBA conferences, including presentations and video clips, please have a look at the IIED conference archive.

Financing CBA

A major step forward for funding community-based adaptation output from the conference is The Kathmandu Declaration on Financing Local Adaptation, which was agreed at the 8th Conference on Community-Based Adaptation, and calls for a major increase in adaptation funding at the local level in order to ensure the most vulnerable communities are able to adapt to climate change. Specifcially, the Declaration calls for at least 50 per cent of all financing for adaptation to be allocated to local level actions and local communities, and that national governments should be the main channel for adaptation finance. You can download the full declaration here.

Take a tour of some CBA projects on Google Earth




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