Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

CBA Network

The Community-Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network) is a free, online platform aimed at practitioners and organisations working on community-based adaptation to climate change. It is a dynamic space for open discussion about community-based adaptation issues, direct interaction with like minded individuals in our sector, and a place to share resources and case studies. The CBA Network aims to be a  vibrant community where we’ll develop innovative responses to climate change. Be part of the conversation.

Aims of the CBA Network:

1. To create more communication and direct interaction between CBA practitioners. 

2. To enhance discussion and sharing of ideas linked to CBA. 

3. To create a space where information regarding CBA can be disseminated to active practitioners quickly. 

4. To create greater access to an abundant and accessible knowledge base and resource library for the themes of CBA.

Features of the CBA Network

Discussion Forums– Share ideas and collaborate with CBA practitioners by participating in the CBA Network discussion forums. Here you can offer your insight into existing discussion forums based around CBA related issues or create your own thought-provoking discussion. 

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Networking–  Meet fellow CBA practitioners by joining the CBA Network and connecting with its members. Build your weADAPT personal profile so other members can learn about you and your CBA expertise, experience and interests.  Search for like minded practitioners and contact them directly to share ideas. 

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Case Studies– Explore the CBA Network’s interactive map. Case studies are uploaded here to share knowledge and experiences relating to CBA. Search for specific themes or even upload your own for fellow practitioners to view and expand their knowledge too. 

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Articles– Whilst case studies are aimed at offering the community a quick snapshot into some interesting CBA projects, articles are aimed at giving you the detail. Articles on the CBA Network will offer you a more in-depth look into projects and ideas relating to CBA. As members, you can upload your own articles too, building the capacity of other CBA practitioners in the community. 

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Getting Started and Guidance

Sign up for a weADAPT account: to be able to start engaging with the CBA Network you’ll need to sign up for a free weADAPT account and create your personal profile. A weADAPT account will allow you to participate in the CBA Network’s discussion threads and connect with other members of the community. 

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Join the CBA Network: become a member of the CBA Network to be the first to know about new developments within the network and to upload and promote your CBA related articles and case studies. 

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Further Guidance on using weADAPT and the CBA Network: 

What is weADAPT? Click here.

Guidance on using weADAPT: Click here for guidance on using weADAPT including how to share resources, updating your profiles and FAQ’s. 

The 15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA15)

The 15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA15) took place from June 14th - June 18th 2021.

CBA15 provided an innovative, interactive space for the global CBA community of practice to come together to promote effective, locally led climate action. The conference brought together practitioners, grassroots representatives, local and national government planners, policymakers and donors working at all levels and scales to discuss how to drive ambition for a climate-resilient future.


The global CBA conference is held each year to:

  • Enable transformative outcomes through community-driven climate action
  • Facilitate a space for innovation and interactivity to drive global ambition for a climate-resilient future, and
  • Re-imagine solutions by sharing, learning, challenging assumptions and collaborating on good practices.


The relevant themes of CBA are as follows:

What sets CBA different is it is the only one of its kind for practitioners that creates evidence that informs action and puts the community at the center.

For a summary of messages from CBA15 :Click here


For a summary of messages from CBA14 :Click here





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