Infographic for communicators: National Climate Change Legislation

Submitted by CDKN Communications Team | published 24th Sep 2014 | last updated 10th Jan 2020
Infographic for communicators

CDKN has launched a new infographic, National climate change legislation, that illustrates the connections between countries’ domestic laws on climate change and their ambition in global climate talks. The infographic is for the widespread use of communicators in the run-up to critical UN climate talks in Peru this year (December 2014) and in France in 2015, when a new global deal is due to be struck.

The infographic presents data from 12 countries: Canada, Peru, United Kingdom, Colombia, United States, Ethiopia, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Japan, Mexico and Russia.

It accompanies the CDKN-funded report, National climate change legislation: The key to more ambitious international agreements? by Globe International. The report encourages readers to look beyond what happens within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where countries are negotiating toward a new climate treaty, to their home countries, where the building blocks for ambition within the UNFCCC are laid.