Climate Change Perceptions

Submitted by Michael Rastall | published 29th Oct 2013 | last updated 10th Jan 2020
Climate Asia

Climate Asia is the largest ever study of people’s experience of climate change in seven countries - Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam - involving the collection and analysis of survey data from over 33,500 people. This unique data provides information for governments, donors, the media, NGOs and everyone who wants to support people to adapt to the changing environment.

About the project

How do people in Asia live with climate change now? What impact will it have on their future and how will they, in turn, shape their environment? And what are the most effective ways that media, governments, organisations and businesses can support people to adapt to climate change?

These are the questions behind Climate Asia, the region's largest study of people's experiences of climate change in seven Asian countries.

In 2012, we surveyed more than 33,500 people in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam. Using both quantitative and qualitative research, we have built a picture of how people in the region live and deal with climate change.

Our results support communication that puts people's experience at the heart of responses to climate change. They reveal who is most vulnerable to the impacts of changes, from those who grow and provide our food such as farmers and fishermen, to urban slum dwellers and migrants. Results also show which groups are already responding, how they can support their neighbours to take action and how media and communication can best support all those affected.

View a brief overview of the results for each country by clicking on the links below: