Weather Data Platform for Improved Agriculture and Climate Adaptation

Submitted by Michael Rastall | published 2nd May 2013 | last updated 10th Jan 2020

aWhere Weather provides users with a powerful research and decision-making tool for use in agricultural development and environmental initiatives. The application provides an interactive platform for researchers, students, policy makers and others working in the realm international development to access key weather data for user-selected locations. Currently, the platform offers free access to historical, daily-observed and 8 days of daily forecasted ‘localized’ weather data for locations in South Asia and west, east, and southern Africa.

aWhere Weather offers interactive access to key weather data. Now, access to weather data is just a click away! Weather data is collected at meteorological stations around the world and interpolated to create quality data in detailed 9km grids- it’s like having a meteorological station every 9km. Currently, aWhere Weather offers free access to daily data for South Asia and parts of Africa. aWhere provides 3-5 years of historical, dailyobserved and forecasted weather data for the following variables:

  • Precipitation 
  • Minimum and Maximum Temperature
  • Minimum and Maximum Relative Humidity 
  • Solar Radiation 
  • Maximum and Morning Wind Speed 
  • Accumulative Growing Degree Days (calculated with user input)

Interactive and accessible weather data are important for in season decision making, instrumental for improved research and critical for greater context in shaping policies relating to agricultural development and global health. Examples of use include:

  • Tactical decision making for extension workers or farmers
  • Characterize the weather at field trial locations 
  • Identify location specific trends
  • Harvest date predictions based on seasonal GDD accumulation and/or precipitation levels
  • Crop and pest models based on favorable weather conditions
  • Vector-borne disease management
  • Climate change studies

In addition to viewing data online, users can receive daily or weekly email notifications of weather data for their locations of interest.

Online registration is easy! Register here and instantly access weather data for your locations of interest.