Introductory LEAP training course: Linking LEAP and WEAP and other advanced topics

Submitted by Julia Barrott | published 11th Jul 2022 | last updated 25th Jul 2022


This page shares resources for lectures #7 and #8 of an eight-part introductory training course on the Low Emissions Analysis Platform (LEAP) modelling tool for energy, environmental, and economic analysis.

Video recordings, presentation slides and an exercise for these two lectures are provided below.

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LEAP Training Lecture #7: Linking LEAP and WEAP for energy & water resource planning

This fifth lecture introduces how to link LEAP with the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) system, an integrated hydrology and water planning model with a GIS-based, graphical drag & drop interface that enables the physical simulation of water demands and supplies.

This lecture covers the key concepts, approaches, and workflow for integrated LEAP-WEAP modeling.

A video recording of the lecture is provided below. 

LEAP Training Lecture #8: Advanced topics

This final lecture introduces other LEAP features participants may wish to explore: data manipulation, custom input and output variables, additional methods for energy demand modeling, and additional result reporting options.

A video recording of the lecture is provided below. 

Presentation slides for Lectures #7 and #8

The presentation slides for these first two lectures are provided below. You can also download the slides here.

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Citation Guidelines

Proper citation is important to the visibility and impact of the LEAP software system. We thank you for your commitment to cite LEAP correctly. Please include the following citation when publishing any results, analyses, tables or images generated by LEAP in any form (e.g. print, electronic, etc.):

Heaps, C.G., 2022. LEAP: The Low Emissions Analysis Platform. [Software version: 2020.1.64] Stockholm Environment Institute. Somerville, MA, USA.