Climate and Development Knowledge Brokers Workshop 2012

Submitted by Michael Rastall | published 30th Jul 2012 | last updated 13th Jan 2020
CKB group

The Climate Knowledge Brokers (CKB) Group was formed in 2011 at an initial workshop held in Eschborn, Germany, to explore the scope for closer collaboration between online knowledge brokers working in the climate and development sectors. Convened by CDKN, GIZ and PIK-Potsdam, it brought together 35 participants from 21 leading regional and global web initiatives. The workshop proved highly successful. Delegates demonstrated a keen appetite for closer collaboration and generated a range of ideas on how to make this happen.

The CKB Group is an informal network and an emerging ‘community of practice’ for organisations carrying out knowledge and information work on climate and development. The focus is primarily on online initiatives, and those that play an explicit knowledge- brokerage role, rather than being simply institutional websites. By design, it cuts across different sub-sectors within the climate sphere, so includes initiatives focusing on adaptation, mitigation, climate finance, energy and broader development issues. The aim is to encourage productive linkages across these different fields of activity.

This report summaries the key discussions and findings from the second Climate and Development Knowledge Brokers workshop, held from 18-20 May 2012. The workshop was jointly organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Climate and Development Knowledge Netwiork (CDKN). 

Knowledge Brokers Workshop 2012