Virtual KE activity #2: CAPs: supporting and working with local authorities and other local users

Submitted by Vicky Hayman | published 6th Sep 2020 | last updated 21st Sep 2020
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Virtual KE event

23 September 2020, 09.00-11.30 CEST

To view the pre-recorded presentations from Australia, Netherlands, Climate-ADAPT, Germany and Canada, please see below.

Climate adaptation ultimately takes place on the ground, through concrete measures and behavioural changes. Climate adaptation platforms (CAPs) are expected to play a pivotal role in stimulating, supporting and enabling action by local actors. In 2011, WMO stated that “Climate services often do not reach “the last mile”, to the people who need them most […]” (WMO, 2011, p.8). In this session we will not dive into the question to what extent that last mile has been reached in the past decade by means of climate adaptation platforms. Instead, we will explore actual practices that have attempted to reach that last mile, successful and less successful experiences, lesson learnt and remaining challenges.

This topic focuses on how we connect and engage with local actors, in particularly local authorities, both online and face-to-face (and how we link these two approaches). This includes how we encourage and support these users, how we demonstrate the benefits of acting on climate change, how we can help build their capacity to undertake adaptation assessments and planning, and to implement interventions. Central to this topic is how we understand and respond to the needs of users, their capacities and decision-making contexts.

We hope participants will benefit from sharing practical experiences in supporting and working with local authorities and other local users, as a source for inspiration to apply in the operation of their platforms.

Panellists and discussants:

  • Kim van Nieuwaal and Marit Heinen, Climate Adaptation Services, Netherlands
  • Robyn Birkett, Mackay Regional Council, Australia
  • Kirsten Sander, Federal Environment Agency, Germany
  • Valentina Giannini, Climate-ADAPT
  • Ewa Jackson, ICLEI Canada
  • Tsepang Makholela, Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa
  • Perpi Tiongson, Oscar M Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Philippines 

The event will be recorded for research purposes.

VKE2 Pre-recorded Presentations

Kli-maatje (‘Climate Buddy’) - A local adaptation action platform for citizens. Presented by Marit Heinen & Eva Boon, CAS

CoastAdaptan information delivery and decision support framework for actors with an interest in Australia’s coasts. Presented by Robyn Birkett from Mackay Regional Council, Australia.

KLiVO - the German Climate Preparedness Portal. Presented by Kirsten Sander, German Environment Agency.

Climate-ADAPT The European climate change adaptation platform. Presented by Valentina Giannini from Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC) and the European Institute on Economics and the Environment.

ICELI, ICLEI Canada and BARC - Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities in Canada and building the capacity of local governments worldwide. Presented by Ewa Jackson, ICLEI Canada

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