Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform (TCCIP)

Submitted by Robin Hocquet | published 4th Dec 2020 | last updated 22nd Feb 2023

Platform summary

The Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform (TCCIP) provides comprehensive climate change data, informationknowledge services for governments, research, industries and the public (GRIP) in Taiwan.

TCCIP is available in two languages: Mandarin and English.

TCCIP’s goals include deepen the feasibility of integrating manipulation tool/process and convert it into government policies; participate in international networking; strengthen the high-resolution model simulation ability in Taiwan and support the local impact research; integrate the climate adaptation service of climate scenarios, risk information and adaptation tool; formulate the integration of adaptation knowledge and implementation framework, expand the application possibilities founded on science.

Host Organisation: The platform is hosted by the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR).

Launch date: 2012.

Update status: Major update (3.0 Version) was released in 2019, but website content is updated on a daily basis

Funding: Project funds are provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology since 2012.

 Team: The platform is directly managed by the communication team, which consists of 6 members: 1 coordinator, 3 content editors, 1 publicist and 1 data manager.

Main functions:

  • Raising awareness on the need for climate change adaptation
  • Providing guidance on how to undertake adaptation
  • Providing quantitative data for adaptation decision-making
  • Providing decision-support tools for adaptation decision-making
  • Providing a support (e.g. help desk) service
  • Sharing adaptation solutions and case studies
  • Sharing scientific literature and research on adaptation

Intended audiences:

  • National-level decision makers / national government
  • City and regional-level decision-makers / local government
  • Communities / general public
  • Teachers / educators
  • Private sector / businesses
  • Research community
  • Civil society (NGO / charities)

Why the platform was established

Since 2010, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan successively launched three principal projects: Consortium for Climate Change Study (CCliCS), the TCCIP and Taiwan integrated research program on Climate Change Adaptation Technology (TaiCCAT).

Among these projects, the TCCIP was established to create a user-friendly platform to allow easy access of climate change data and adaptation information in Taiwan.

Knowledge brokering and knowledge products on the TCCIP platform

This presentation by Joyce Chang and Wilson Lin showcases the latest knowledge brokering developments on the TCCIP.