The KE4CAP Synthesis Report: Bringing together learning from across KE4CAP's activities

Submitted by Julia Barrott | published 23rd Aug 2021 | last updated 6th Sep 2021
An overview of KE4CAP's approach and activities.

An overview of KE4CAP's approach and activities. Please click to enlarge.


Web-based climate adaptation platforms (CAPs) are playing a key role in supporting climate adaptation decision-making, planning, and action. There are numerous national and regional adaptation knowledge platforms, all at different stages of development and capabilities, and more are planned. The teams planning, developing and operating these platforms have a wealth of knowledge on good practices and innovations for building and managing effective CAPs. They also all face challenges that, potentially, limit their effectiveness in supporting the required climate action.

Since late 2019 the KE4CAP project has provided a forum for developers and operators of all platforms (from those at the early planning stage through to well-established platforms) to come together to compare and learn from their individual approaches, to share knowledge and best practices, and to work together to address common and emerging challenges.

This Synthesis Report brings together a wealth of knowledge contributed by a global network of CAPs convened under the KE4CAP project. This includes knowledge shared via the KE4CAP survey, several Virtual Knowledge Exchange (VKE) events, and three series of Bilateral Knowledge Exchange (BKE) events led by national partners: Australia, Canada, and Japan. See links under further resources.

This early summary of the Synthesis Report (September 2021), available as one-page topic summaries via the links below, aims to provide food for thought for the KE4CAP Synthesis Workshop on 8-9th September 2021. It will be followed by a more detailed and further illustrated synthesis report in December 2021.

Explore the Synthesis Report: Topic linkages map

This map provides an overview of the topics covered in KE4CAP and how, based on learning through KE4CAP activities and input from the numerous platform teams engaged with KE4CAP, they are linked to one another. Together, these topics aim to provide a blueprint for the development of an effective climate adaptation knowledge platform.

These linkages, and potential missing topics, will be explored further during the KE4CAP Synthesis Workshop