Tandem: online guidance for the co-design of climate services

Submitted by Julia Barrott | published 13th Jun 2018 | last updated 14th Feb 2022

Climate Adaptation Training Annotation

  • Level: Introductory
  • Time commitment: 1 hour
  • Learning product: Guidance
  • Sector: Multi-sector
  • Language: English
  • Certificate available: N/A
Tandem elements

Supporting the co-design of effective climate services

To ride a tandem bicycle requires coordination, collaboration and communication between the riders to get to their destination. In the same way, to use climate information in adaptation planning requires coordination, collaboration and communication between scientists and decision-makers.

To read more about the underlying philosophy of the original Tandem concept and the Tandem framework itself, read this published paper and our earlier Discussion Brief.

Using the structure of the Tandem framework, Tandem offers online guidance for information providers, intermediaries and users to collectively co-design climate services for policy and practice.

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Tandem case studies:

How it works

The Tandem online guidance steers you towards information you can use (the latest and most relevant tools, data, methods, approaches, and case studies) to answer questions under each element. The goal is to improve the co-design process, so that any emerging climate services are decision-relevant and tailored to users' needs. 

​The guidance aims to increase the use of climate information in adaptation decision-making, and to build coordination, collaboration, communication and individual and institutional capacities of information providers, intermediaries and users. 

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The Tandem framework has been tested and refined using a range of case studies and we hope to continue this process.  

We are continuously working to improve Tandem and its content to incorporate the most recent research, practices and experiences from around the world. We welcome your feedback on the guidance, and we would be glad to include new resources relating to climate services.

To provide feedback or to add new climate services resources to the Tandem guidance please contact Sukaina Bharwani: [email protected]

Further resources

  • The Tandem online guidance is an output of the SEI initiative on Climate Services and features relevant resources contributed to weADAPT by a wide range of authors and organisations.

    To read more about the original Tandem concept and framework, read the SEI Discussion Brief available here.