Capacity Development for Adaptation to Climate Change & GHG Mitigation (C3D+)

Capacity Development

About C3D+

The project Capacity Development for Adaptation to Climate Change & GHG Mitigation in Non-Annex I Countries (C3D+) seeks to improve the capacity of research and training institutions in developing countries to support climate change adaptation and mitigation action.

The project brings together six organizations located in developing countries and three global organizations from Africa Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean to collectively form a knowledge and capacity development network, where each centre contributes its specialized experience to develop and apply tools and methodologies to support decision-making for climate change adaptation and mitigation.


The C3D+ project promotes an institutionalized and sustainable approach to capacity building by strengthening endogenous capacities in Non-Annex I countries to address climate change by

  • Promoting dialogue to make development more sustainable by integrating climate change issues into national sustainable development strategies;
  • Placing developing countries in a better position to effectively engage in the UNFCCC process;
  • Increasing human and institutional capacities in targeted developing countries through  training and institutional strengthening.

Activity areas

The partners of the C3D+ project collaborate and use their specific expertise and experience in the following activity areas;  

  1. Developing and testing of tools & methods that guide policy and decision-making for climate change adaptation,mitigation and mainstreaming
  2. Enhance capacity of beneficiaries to use and apply the tools & methodologies
  3.  Strengthen the institutional capacity of C3D+ partners to deliver training  

Further information

For further information please see the C3D+ flyer, brochure and poster:

C3D+ website:

The project is coordinated by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with financial support provided by the European Commission and the Austrian Development Agency. Supplementary resources are provided by the Government of Switzerland to UNITAR for climate change capacity development activities.

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