The ASSAR Spotlight on Learning - November 2016 edition

Submitted by Nicholas Reay | published 17th Nov 2016 | last updated 5th Jan 2023
assar spotlight edit 0 - climate adaptation.


To date, most adaptation efforts have focused on reactive, short-term and site-specific solutions to climate-related vulnerabilities. As the global impacts of climate change become more clearly understood, so too does the need for people to effectively respond and adapt to these changes.

ASSAR’s overarching research objective is to use insights from multiple-scale, interdisciplinary work to improve the understanding of the barriers, enablers and limits to effective, sustained and widespread adaptation out to the 2030s.

Working across seven countries in India, East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa, ASSAR’s research is case study based and strives to integrate climatic, environmental, social and economic change. The dynamics of gender roles and relations form a particularly strong theme throughout our approach. 

The ASSAR project is now halfway through its duration. To mark this occasion, we share a range of ASSAR voices to reflect on our learning to date.

Lessons Learnt

In this issue you will find the following articles reflecting learning experiences:

  • Collaborative research as collaborative learning - Georgina Cundill Kemp
  • Lessons, challenges and opportunities within ASSAR - Mark New
  • What have I learned in ASSAR? What have I not learned...  - Lucia Scodanibbio
  • Heads out of the sand - Daniel Morchain
  • An ASSAR event in South Africa shaped my career path - Alcade Segnon
  • A brain overload - Chandapiwa Molefe
  • Helping academics to put research into use - Gina Ziervogel

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ASSAR spotlight on learning - November 2016