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AfriCAN Climate is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME. The project was set up by a team of 5 African and 5 European organisations, including research institutes and networks, and runs from October 2011 to September 2014.

The AfriCAN Climate Portal is an innovative web-based knowledge platform for the sharing of climate change research and good practices.

The portal employs innovative and creative web functionalities to harmonise multilingual, interdisciplinary and pan-continental climate change knowledge and to encourage project developers and stakeholders to learn and benefit from Africa’s challenges and success stories.

Target audience

The AfriCAN Climate portal targets a wide variety of climate change stakeholders; researchers, field practitioners, project developers, investors, development partners, NGOs, local/national governments and farmers organisations. Climate change adaptation and mitigation knowledge items, relating to scientific research, indigenous knowledge, good practices and policies are collected in the form of articles, publications, tools, project presentations, guidelines, organisational links and networks.

Climate change in Africa


The RESEARCH section of the AfriCAN Climate portal contains a wealth of information and resources on climate change adaptation and mitigation. This section highlights projects and project clusters implemented by international research networks, many of them supported by the EU Framework Programme.


In the POLICY section, policy publications and links to institutions at global, regional and national levels are provided. The section also contains decision support tools and policy briefs used in climate change, agriculture and natural resources policy planning and frameworks.

Good Practices

To help practitioners on the ground, case studies of GOOD PRACTICES are presented by climate change experts. In order to assess the applicability and transferability of project interventions, case studies are evaluated against eight principles of sustainability, addressing their financial, economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Climate change projects require financial support. In the FINANCING section, the AfriCAN Climate portal provides a search function to find targeted information on where and how to secure financing for project development and implementation. Guidebooks are available for download, including financing information for mitigation and adaptation projects, with a specific focus on Africa.


The AfriCAN Climate portal provides climate change fact sheets for all African COUNTRIES in the most widely spoken languages. The fact sheets supply information on the current and projected status of climate change and its impact on key sectors, such as natural resource management and agriculture. They also state key climate vulnerabilities. Each country profile is linked to relevant content published on the portal.




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