The PLACARD Connectivity Hub: A new ‘search and discovery’ tool for CCA and DRR

Submitted by Josh Ettinger 28th January 2019 11:39

Introducing the Connectivity Hub

The PLACARD Connectivity Hub is where the climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) communities come together to better understand which organisations are working on what issues, and where overlaps and synergies may be.

The Hub is being developed by the PLAtform for Climate Adaptation and Risk reDuction (PLACARD) project, and will continue to be available and supported beyond the project's lifecycle.

The Hub will improve collaboration, communication and coordination between the CCA and DRR communities and reduce incidences of redundancy and replication, which can arise from a lack of awareness of parallel and complementary work. The design provides a highly visual, interactive and comprehensive overview of CCA and DRR signature spaces, including:

  • A dynamic and interactive online visualisation of the landscape of organisations and activities, connecting the topic-specific knowledge networks on CCA and DRR.
  • An ability to cluster information by sector, decision focus, geographical scope and risk with an emphasis on key messages and lessons learned.
  • Content including articles, authors, topics and organisations, allowing users to find relevant evidence, expertise, tools and methods, good practice insights, and peers.

In the final version, newly developed PLACARD taxonomies for CCA and DRR will provide excellent search abilities for discovering new projects, organisations and individuals with key expertise, and will also support a glossary that includes definitions of commonly used terms in CCA and DRR. You can see the beginnings of this, if you explore the Hub.

Have your say

We are finalising version 1.0 of the Hub and will continue to develop it in line with needs of users, i.e. YOU! Please share any comments or suggestions on the prototype of the Connectivity Hub here, and we will do our best to ensure it serves the needs of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction communities.

Experiment with the current prototype!

Here a limited dataset is shared from a range of European and global CCA and DRR platforms, such as the European Climate Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT, UNISDR’s knowledge sharing platform on disaster risk reduction, PreventionWeb, and SEI’s global climate adaptation platform, weADAPT. Watch the trailer above to experience what the Connectivity Hub can do.

Type a term in the search box or click on one of the ‘Popular searches’ below – ‘flood’, ‘vulnerability’ or ‘infrastructure’. Then click on any search result and you will be able to explore it in the context of other articles, organisations, topics and people in the visualisation.

Please note this is a limited dataset designed to illustrate core features of the Connectivity Hub. More data will be incorporated in the full version.

Try the PLACARD Connectivity Hub!