The PLACARD Connectivity Hub: A new ‘search and discovery’ tool for CCA and DRR

Submitted by Josh Ettinger | published 28th Jan 2019 | last updated 13th May 2019

Introducing the Connectivity Hub

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me crop - climate adaptation.

Join us at ECCA 2019!

We'll be showcasing this tool in the ECCA Toolshed and asking for your feedback on Thursday 30th 12:30-13:00 in room Room S15 (session: "Search and discovery of climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction landscape", code: TS023).

On Tuesday 28th at 14:00 we will be discussing the innovative technology behind the Hub, how we are improving it and how such technologies based on Knowledge Graphs and Artificial Intelligence approaches can transform how we share, access and analyse knowledge. We're very excited to be joined by colleagues from Semantic Web Company and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (presenting the Climate Tagger). You can find details of the session here: "Advancing ‘Search & Discovery’ for climate action: Exploring the potential of Linked Open Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches".

All the best!