Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development planning

Published: 23rd August 2012 15:26Last Updated: 23rd August 2012 14:26


Mainstreaming adaptation into development planning has been promoted as an effective way to respond to climate change. The expected benefits include avoided policy conflicts, reduced risks and vulnerability, greater efficiency compared with managing adaptation separately, and leveraging the much larger financial flows in sectors affected by climate risks than the amounts available for financing adaptation separately. This report reviews the main approaches proposed and lessons learned from relevant experiences in the Asia-Pacific region. A regional forum convened by the Adaptation Knowledge Platform and its partners, held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok in 2010, provided the starting point for this analysis.


Lebel, L., L. Li, C. Krittasudthacheewa, et al., 2012. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development planning. Bangkok: Adaptation Knowledge Platform and Stockholm Environment Institute. 32 p