Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Bhutan and Nepal (Policy Brief 1)

Submitted by Albert Salamanca | published 12th Aug 2012 | last updated 5th Jan 2023
50f407a438d5benhancing-adaptative-capacity-front-cover 1 - climate adaptation.

Both Bhutan and Nepal understand the importance of addressing climate impacts. They have strengthened their commitment to managing the impacts of climate through several efforts including the development of their respective National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA). They have also shown increased regional solidarity in addressing climate change impacts in a coherent manner through declarations at forum like South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC Thimpu Declaration 2010).


Thapa, S., Soussan, J., Priya, S., Lhendup, P and Krawanchid, D., 2010. Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Bhutan and Nepal, Policy Research Brief. Regional Climate Change Adaptation Platform for Asia. Bangkok.