Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

The Adaptation Knowledge Platform (AKP) is working towards building bridges between knowledge and action on adaptation to climate change by actively engaging with governments, agencies and communities that need this knowledge to inform their responses to the challenges that climate change presents them. Its goal is to strengthen adaptive capacity and facilitate climate change adaptation in Asia at local, national and regional levels.

The purpose of AKP is to establish a regionally and nationally owned mechanism that facilitates the integration of climate change adaptation into national and regional economic and development policies, processes and plans, strengthen linkages between adaptation and the sustainable development agenda in the region and enhance institutional and research capacity, in collaboration with a wide range of national and regional partners.

AKP is financially supported by the Swedish Government through Sida.

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Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

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Riina Jalonen

Associate Scientist

Sena Peiris

Sustainability Consultant

Steve Jennings

Partner, 3Keel LLP at 3Keell LLP

Atta UL Haq

Chief Executive Officer at YAD

Lucas Somavilla

Doctoral Researcher in Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, UCL at UCL

Joe Lufkin

Trustee at APAP

Nandita Singh

Research scholar

Camille Angeles

Program Design Manager at APAP

Kevin Carlucci

Sr. Global Practice Specialist - Environment & Land at DAI

Sam Cornish

Intern, Student at University of Oxford, at Stockholm Environment Institute

Sheila Kartika

Communication, Outreach, and Knowledge Management Specialist at USAID APIK