Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

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The Adaptation Knowledge Platform (AKP) is working towards building bridges between knowledge and action on adaptation to climate change by actively engaging with governments, agencies and communities that need this knowledge to inform their responses to the challenges that climate change presents them. Its goal is to strengthen adaptive capacity and facilitate climate change adaptation in Asia at local, national and regional levels.

The purpose of AKP is to establish a regionally and nationally owned mechanism that facilitates the integration of climate change adaptation into national and regional economic and development policies, processes and plans, strengthen linkages between adaptation and the sustainable development agenda in the region and enhance institutional and research capacity, in collaboration with a wide range of national and regional partners.

AKP is financially supported by the Swedish Government through Sida.

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Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

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Anupama Nair

at Plan International
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Chief Functionary - GUESS at GREEN BUSINESS PROJECTS, at Eco Green
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Kate Smith

Communications Specialist at UNDP
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Alexandra Kinywamaghana

Seeking opportunities at GIZ
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Johannah Wegerdt

Technical adviser and project formulator at UNDP
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Meenakshisundaram Natarajan

water - waste water consultant
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Fareed Ullah

House No. 1, Gul Mohar Road, University Town Peshawar