Knowledge mapping exercise for NGOs

Submitted by Sukaina Bharwani | published 25th Mar 2011 | last updated 30th Mar 2011

Group III - NGOs

Observations from the exercise

NetMap for civil society

NetMap for civil society

Step 1: Ask: 'Who are the most important actors in your field?' (whether you interact with them or not)

  • Donors
  • Government agencies (but some are not able to make maximum impact due to a lack of technical resources)

Step 2: Ask: 'Who is linked to whom?'

  • NGOs and civil society in general appeared to be a real bridge and connecting force in the adaptation community. i.e. many other organisations rely on them for information.

Step 3: Ask: 'How influential are the actors in this field?'

  • The media were very influential but there were few links to them.
  • Government departments were also seen as influential but were not providing the kind of information that was needed.
  • Donors were also given a high score for influence, but the complaint was that they do not always fund issues that are really relevant on the ground.