Fact Sheet for Kwahu North

Submitted by Sukaina Bharwani | published 25th Mar 2011 | last updated 17th Mar 2020

Attention Kwahu North!

Two students, Regina Sagoe and Natsuki Ikeda, created a fact sheet about climate change for people in Ghana in a seminar, Living on the Margins led by two faculty members from The Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Development in Africa (AESEDA) and the Penn State Department of Geography, Dr. Petra Tschakert and Dr. Robert Crane. The purpose of this seminar was to explore issues of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Instead of final papers, the students' main output was a series of learning tools that could be used by marginalized populations in Africa to prepare for and adapt to uncertain future climate conditions.

Attention Kwahu North!

This fact sheet is designed for policy makers in the Kwahu North in Ghana, and will be distributed as a part of a workshop led by the Climate Change Collective Learning and Observatory Network, Ghana (CCLONG). CCLONG is a USAID-sponsored project that seeks to create a collective learning and observatory network in Ghana by bringing the science of climate change and the implications for people and the environment to a level that is accessible and beneficial to all parties involved. This three-year project (2006-2009) follows a holistic perspective through community-based activities and explores risk perception and human adaptive capacity for successful adaptation to climate change and other stressors.

The first page of the fact sheet explains the general idea of what climate change is and Ghana's contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. The second page focuses on specific vulnerabilities of the district, illustrated in the graph on downscaled climate projections produced by Dr. Crane. At the end of the fact sheet, adaptation options are briefly discussed and a list of a few ideas for community leaders is provided. Our main goal is to improve the understanding of local policy makers, as well as civil society organizations and nongovernmental agencies. Through the CCLONG-led workshops, the fact sheet will encourage interest in integrating adaptation processes in development plans for local communities.

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