Is my content relevant to the weADAPT audience?

weADAPT publishes a wide range of content relevant to climate change adaptation and associated fields (including the synergies with mitigation), both in terms of the subject and tone/style of content. 

However, there are certain categories of content that we prefer not to publish as articles/case studies. You can check that the content you are thinking about contributing doesn't fit into any of the following:

  • Commercial advertising.

  • Event advertising.

  • Content not relevant to climate change adaptation.

  • News stories.

Event announcements can be made on the discussion forums. News stories and blogs that are substantial in that they share lessons learnt that are of use to other weADAPT members will be considered for publication on weADAPT. If you are unsure about whether your content fits in weADAPT, get in touch at

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